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The Digital Marketing Funnel Stages with Examples

Using a funnel is part of every successful digital marketing strategy. Communicating effectively with your target audience during the customer journey will increase brand awareness and boost sales. To help you get all the benefits...I'll cover each of the digital marketing funnel stages and share some examples. I'm Evan, the founder of a Boutique Marketing […]

3 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Is Important Nowadays

We all use the Internet to find information, influencing our buying decisions. Different sources suggest that the average American spends between 4 and 5 hours daily on mobile phones. The importance of digital marketing strategies for businesses is undeniable. If you're interested in the benefits, costs, and how online channels can impact the growth of […]

Why Outsource Digital Marketing (Reasons & Benefits)

Whether to consult their in-house team or delegate certain tasks related to online advertising to professionals...Companies outsource digital marketing services for various reasons. Of course, outsourcing has many benefits, the main one being working with experts who can quickly scale your digital marketing efforts...And it's not only large firms that do it. Recent stats from […]

A Simple Definition of Search Engine Marketing and Its Types

You can find many comprehensive guides and definitions of search engine marketing (SEM). As the founder of a Boutique Marketing Agency that works with small and medium-sized businesses...I know that most folks prefer simplicity. Here is what I'll cover in this relatively short article: What Does Search Engine Marketing Mean What Are the Types of […]

A Successful Digital Marketing Strategy Focuses on 6 Key Factors

Assuming you understand the importance and benefits of digital marketing for the success of your business...I have to say "CONGRATS" Web sources suggest that around 40% of SMBs are still stuck with offline advertising. You're already in the winners' camp...Now, it's time to join the winners' circle. To help you achieve that, I'll show you […]

Why Digital Marketing for Small Business (All Answers)

You've probably tried traditional marketing methods in the past. Or perhaps you've just started a business that you want to scale...And now you wonder: Does Digital Marketing Work for Small Businesses? Yes, digital marketing works very well for small businesses. The different digital channels allow you to reach your target audience in various ways. Once […]

5 Most Important Digital Marketing KPIs for SMBs

If you're an SMB owner investing time and money into digital marketing, you're doing the right thing....Have no doubts about it. So, you have a defined strategy, launched a few campaigns, and you want to know: How is digital marketing performance measured? There are a bunch of metrics and KPIs used to evaluate digital marketing […]

How a Boutique Marketing Agency Works for Your Business

So, you're a business owner exploring the options to increase your digital presence. I guess the question on your mind is: Should you hire a boutique marketing agency? To help you make an informed decision, I'll share some insights from Ernst Media's kitchen. We'll talk about the structure and workflow of boutique agencies. By the […]

4 Best Types of Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

Few people on the team, lack of time, tight budgets...I'm sure you can relate. Small businesses need to leverage the most effective digital marketing channels. You want to get results relatively quickly without spending a fortune...And possibly outsource the management of your marketing campaigns so you can focus on your biz. At our Boutique Marketing […]

Advantages of Search Engine Marketing Explained

So, you want to know the advantages of search engine marketing (SEM) and how it can help you scale your business. I run a Boutique Digital Marketing Agency based in Spokane, WA. We manage different ad campaigns for our clients based on their needs. What makes an SEM campaign stand out is that it allows […]

Promoting Business on Google: Your 4 Best Options

As both you and I know, Google is the king of search engines. In a recent survey by Statista, 85% of over 10,000 U.S. consumers said they used it in the past 4 weeks. That said, you're on the right path...Promoting your business on Google is a must. I've been helping SMBs scale for more […]
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