You've entered the PPC advertising game and seen some results...Now, you want to scale.

And how do you do that?

By looking at your PPC data and identifying areas for improvement...A straightforward process.

Then, you go online and read one of those comprehensive guides on PPC analysis. You need to pull a bunch of key metrics, learn their meaning, make comparisons, etc.

Truth is, even if you read all the guides, it won't make a difference...And I'll tell you why.

As a marketer and founder of a boutique digital marketing agency, I've been analyzing PPC reports for two decades, and I still do. Here is the thing:

It takes a lot more than reading a couple of guides. Effective PPC management is a skill that requires time to master. Plus, a lot of costly mistakes.

Since you landed on this article, I assume you don't have the time.

You'd rather focus on your business.

That's why I'll show you a very simple way to evaluate your campaign performance data...And how to use it to your advantage. It's not the most effective PPC analysis, but it works.

Here we go.

Pulling the PPC Data You'll Need to Analyze

You may look into your ad group segmentation, impression share, PPC ads quality score, click-through rate, etc. These insights can help you manage and optimize your PPC campaigns, but...they also make things complicated.

effective PPC data analysis using two key metrics

For the method I'm going to show you, you only need the cost per conversion and the conversion rate. You can pull this data using the PPC reporting tools of any ad platform.

Let's say you run three Google Ads campaigns...A remarketing, a video, and a paid search ads campaign.

Go to the campaign-level view of your Google Ads account and select the desired timeframe (30, 60, or 90 days).

Get the total account cost and number of conversions and the cost and conversions for each one of the PPC campaigns.

Once you have the figures, you can export them into Excel or write them down on a piece of paper and use a calculator. Whatever works for you.

Using the Data to Improve Your PPC Campaign Performance

Now, let me show you how to use this PPC data analysis to get more out of your pay-per-click advertising. Don't worry, it's just a simple math.

Divide the cost of each campaign by the total cost of the Google Ads account and convert the numbers into percentages.

Next, do the same with conversions:

Individual PPC campaign conversions / total account conversions...turn into percentages.

To make things clearer, if you're using Excel, get rid of all the columns except for:

  • PPC campaign names
  • PPC campaigns cost and conversions
  • The total figures for the PPC account

You should end up with something similar to my sheet.

data exported from Google ads showing conversions and costs

What Does This PPC Analysis Mean?

Let me break it down for you:

The YouTube video campaign accounts for 54% of the total amount spent by the ad account and brought 45% of all the conversions. Thus, the conversion costs are higher than the generated results.

The PPC data for the Remarketing campaign shows similar numbers for cost and conversions (21% vs. 23%). There is no need to adjust anything.

The Search ads spent 1/4 of the budget (25%) and contributed almost 1/3 of all the conversions (32%). In other words, the best performer from all three PPC campaigns.

Comparing the cost of each campaign vs. the value it contributes to the entire ad account performance enables us to make simple decisions.

What Actions Do You Need to Take?

To improve the overall performance of the ad account, we'll take two actions:

  1. Allocate less budget for the poor performer (YouTube)
  2. Increase the budget for the Search ads as they deliver

Now, you may ask if there is a way to do it automatically...Yes, kind of. Google has a budget management feature. However, my practice shows that adjusting your paid advertising campaigns manually is still more effective.

Don't Skip the Wrap-Up!

That's a simple method for analyzing and improving your PPC performance on all ad platforms. My brother Nick and I used it when we didn't have the experience and fancy tools we have today...I can promise you that it still works.

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