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Client Profile:
Mind Share Partners

"Maybe 30-50 clicks and now we're getting 200 - 300 clicks!"

Client Profile:
KDRO Consulting

"We have been able to drop my clients cost per lead, from $1,000 to under $100 per lead"

Client Profile:

“Captured a 4x return on AD spend in the first month”

Client Profile:
Dav Foundation

“Increased email signups from 30 to 1000 per day.”

mind share partners

Google Ads, Analytics, Google ADS Grants

Hi, my name is Nina Tomorrow and I lead communications for a nonprofit called Mind share Partners. Mind share Partners exists to change the culture of workplace mental health so that both organizations and employees can drive. Evan and his team seemed very knowledgeable, especially on the google ad grants side, which is very different from just a typical google ads account. So we had their team again, set up all of our ads for us. Initially when the ads launched, we were seeing maybe 200 impressions or less every week and we are about three full months into these ads launching and now we're getting 3,000 impressions a week, which is amazing! Our clicks have dramatically increased while we're getting maybe 30 to 50 clicks when we started and now we're getting anywhere between 2 to 300 clicks and we're staying above a 5% click through rate!
- Nina Tomaro, Communications Lead, Mind Share Partners


Display, Search, Social, Strategy

Hey, my name is Kevin Drolay and I am the owner of KDRO Consulting, a San Diego based digital marketing consultancy. I've been working with Earnst Media for over a year and I think they are an exceptional company. Working with Ernst Media, we have been able to drop my client's cost per lead, sometimes at $1,000 to under $100 per lead. So that's provided a huge value for my client. We have also been able to solve some infrastructure issues and gain a better understanding of attribution for where the leads are coming from and how to have a better campaign overall with creative AB testing and lots of things.
- Kevin Drolet, Owner, KDRO Consulting


Display, Search, Social, Strategy

"He helped take a lot of the guesswork out of the process. It was really nice having someone with experience to guide us through the pros and cons of various methods. There is so much built into both advertising platforms and Evan helped us shorten the learning curve and capture a 4x return on ad spend in the first month."
- Johnny Page, VP, SilverTrac Software


Analytics, Strategy

“Evan was wonderful to work with. We had a quite complex project and found that he was able to dive in, solve our problems and was very helpful in getting on the phone with us when we needed it.”


Analytics, GTM, SEM

“Evan was a pleasure to work with. He completed our project in no time, utilizing his strong digital marketing skills and deep knowledge of Google products/services. I was particularly impressed with his communication skills, engaging clients and projects in a professional, yet friendly manner…communicating clearly and often. He delivered exactly what was promised, by the agreed project timeframe, for the agreed cost. He even provided an insightful, post-project report that detailed the work he had completed and included some recommendations going forward. We are extremely pleased with the results that Evan achieved and look forward to working with him again in the future.”
- Mark Folkrod, Marketing, LR Baggs


Analytics, GTM, SEM

“Evan sticks to the schedule, communicates clearly, and finds creative ways to accomplish goals. Recommended.”
- Kent Campbell, CMO, Reputation X

Search, SEM, Social, Strategy

“Evan is outstanding. He brings experience and commitment to our startup and has quickly prepared the foundation for our company’s success. I am certain that hiring Evan has fast-tracked our growth. The $$ spent on his contract is a sound investment in our business.”
- Adam James, Owner, Horseright



“Evan was very helpful for our project! He was easy to communicate with and worked very fast. He is highly recommended!”
- William Schultz, Product and Growth Manager, Aori

Google ADS Grants, SEM

“Evan is a fabulous consultant! I highly recommend him. He is very qualified and easy to work with. He really knows AdWords and AdGrants (the program for non-profit organizations) and he has a solid knowledge of general marketing. He communicates in a timely manner and meets deadlines.”
- Roberta Carson, President, Zaggo, Inc.

SEM, Strategy

“Evan is an expert in his field. He created a detailed marketing strategy and gave me directions how to implement it.”
- Michael Gudkov, CEO, Samara HR

Analytics, SEM, Strategy

“Evan is an experienced Digital Marketing expert, I’m sure he can add great value to your project. We (Qkids) are looking forward to working with him again. Thanks Evan!”
- Aaron Feng, Growth, North America, Q Kids

SEM, Strategy

“Evan was awesome to work with. Professional, experienced, yet very easy to talk to. Would absolutely be happy to hire again.”
- Dmitry Kudinov, CEO, Look & Hook

SEM, SEO, Strategy

“Thanks for the hard work and expertise in guiding us on the murky world of SEO. We have had an increase in web traffic and continue to increase!”
- Timothy Costello, Director, LHCLA

SEM, Social, Strategy

Evan played an integral role in the early set up and feedback of our business.”
- Raeanna Lewarne, CEO, HealthFreelance

Analytics, GTM, Strategy

“Evan was incredibly patient working with my marketing team and rather complex IT ecosystem. He is extremely knowledgable, responsive, and easy to work with. I appreciated his expertise in areas where I lack it and his willingness to persist through some delays on my side. I would 100% recommend Evan and look forward to working with him again.”
- Clare Kirlin, Director of Marketing, Melt Media

Display, Search, Social, Strategy

“Evan was a pleasure to work with. He’s quick response, attention to detail, and straight up results have me and my team very happy. Highly recommend!”
- Joe Lopardo, Co-FOunder and CMO, Dav Foundation

SEM, Social, Strategy

“I worked with Evan to get our early marketing projects going at Wisdom Labs. He was responsive, easy to work with, and clear in his communications. I appreciated his understanding of digital marketing practices at a tactical and strategic level. We were able to test out different social ad platforms and different message types and this has meant I don’t waste time and money on what doesn’t work.”
- Meghna Majmudar, Head of Marketing, Wisdom Labs

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