Hey, I'm glad you landed on this page, and you should be, too. You saw all those article titles in the search results, right? I'm talking about the 8, 12, 15..."Benefits of SEO".

These posts contain valuable info on how search engine optimization can grow your business. However, there is also plenty of fluff. To get higher in the organic search results, marketers write more appealing titles that lead to longer content.

And you end up reading things like:

"One of the main SEO benefits is that it allows your business to show up in the search engine results pages"

It's like saying that the benefit of TV advertising is your business being on TV. That's not a benefit. That's the purpose.

Here are the 3 Actual Benefits of SEO that can help you scale a business.

  1. Your target audience finds you instead of you looking for them.
  2. Your content speaks only to people interested in your business.
  3. You answer questions, build trust, they spend money with you.

I'm Evan, the founder of Ernst Media. In this blog post, I'll explain in a simple manner how implementing SEO in your digital marketing strategy can benefit your biz. Here you go.

The Right SEO Strategy Brings You the Right Traffic

Optimizing your site for search engines shouldn't simply aim at more traffic. A good SEO strategy results in high-quality traffic - people who are interested in what you have. When they land on your website, they'll spend time there.

If you're throwing a party, you want the right crowd to show up. If you send invitations to some random folks, chances are many will arrive, take a look, and leave.

a good seo strategy brings high quality traffic

An SEO strategy involves finding different types of keywords related to your business. These are terms users type in the search engines to learn more about a product or a service.

Let's say you run a BBQ online store.

A generic keyword like "Charcoal BBQ Grills" is good for a product page name. You can also use it in paid advertising to drive traffic to that product page.

When optimizing for organic search traffic, you target people who may become your customers in the future...You grab them from the top of the selling funnel by answering queries.

focus seo efforts on answering questions

If someone types in Google, "Are Charcoal Grills Healthier Than Gas?" they're definitely planning to buy. At this stage, they need a little more information. The same logic applies when doing SEO for service-based businesses.

Focusing your SEO efforts on answering such search queries will bring you the right website traffic. I'll tell you more about that in the next section.

SEO Allows You to Educate People About Your Business

Now, you may have heard different opinions on keyword research and SEO strategies in the past. What I'm telling you is how search engine optimization works today. To prove my point, I'll share an infographic showing how people search on Google.

SEO should consider how people search on google

Image Source: FitSmallBusiness

As you can see, nearly half of the population consults with Google when they have questions. That's why proper keyword research is so important. It allows you to find those questions and answer them.

The beauty of SEO is that creating high-quality content lets you educate people about your business.

How did you end up reading this article? I didn't email it to you. You clicked on it because you wanted to know about the benefits of SEO. So, what do your potential customers want to know about your products or services?

  • What are the advantages of your services?
  • How can they solve someone's problem?
  • How does your product compare to similar products?
  • When and how people can use your product?

Many of your competitors are trying to rank for tough generic keywords that don't even convert. Your goal should be to appear on the first page by answering specific queries.

You Transform Search Engine Users to Happy Customers

Let me start this section by telling you something no SEO consultant will:

People buy from those who provide value, and that's what educational content marketing is! When you're honest, objective, and not entirely focused on sales, your site visitors will appreciate it.

creating educational content must be part of all seo strategies

Will they buy from you right away? It depends on the particular query.

Some may sign up for your newsletter, bookmark your guide and return later, share your helpful content with a friend...At some point, your efforts will result in a sale.

Others who are ready to buy but want to make an informed decision can convert on the spot. If you provide the information they need and have properly placed internal links pointing to your product pages...they will.

The bottom line is that creating helpful content is a major part of a successful SEO strategy. When you do it right, it will be beneficial to your business in many ways.

What You Need to Know Before Starting with SEO

Search engine optimization is a long-term game that requires constant work. The key SEO benefit is that every single page on your website stays alive for as long as you want.

Blog content doesn't get buried in a week like most Social media posts. You can always adjust it to the current market conditions so it keeps working for your business.

Here are two important things I'd like you to know about SEO.

Your Business CAN'T Benefit from SEO for Free

Many say that organic traffic is better than paid traffic because it's technically free if you do the search engine optimization work yourself. I couldn't disagree more. Sure, there are free keyword research tools and SEO classes, but these will only let you dip your toes.

Mastering SEO marketing strategies takes years. Plus, you're looking at a few hundred bucks monthly for the tools professional marketers use. At Ernst Media, we pay north of $1,000. If you're in a very competitive niche, you'll need to add link-building to the bill.

I'm not trying to put you down...just stating the cold hard facts.

You Can Pay Big Bucks for Small SEO Results

At this point, you may think you don't have time for all that. If you have a marketing budget, outsourcing the SEO work shouldn't be a problem. True, but your expectations and the results someone will deliver won't always match.

There is a high demand for SEO specialists. Naturally, this brings many so-called experts to the market who will take your money without doing much for your business. To avoid any disappointments, check out my post on what to consider before hiring an SEO agency.

My Closing Thoughts

When I started, search engine optimization was about throwing more keywords in an article than your competitors. Such strategies no longer work...they cause problems with your SEO.

The ways how people look for information have changed, and so have the ways search engines function.

Many SEO companies still haven't adapted. If you've been paying for services but haven't seen any results yet, check out this article. It will help you evaluate your provider's work.