“Increased email signups from 30 to 1000 per day.”

Client Profile: Dav Foundation

DAV is a blockchain-based platform for autonomous vehicles, enabling vehicles to discover, communicate and transact with one another. It’s the future of transportation.


Ernst Media created and deployed a digital marketing strategy that focused on minimizing acquisition costs across Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Twitter Ads, driving website visitors to their website and their Telegram Channel. Under the direction of Ernst Media, Dav’s signups went from 30 to over 1000 per day, helping them achieve their pre-launch marketing goals.

“Evan was a pleasure to work with. He’s quick response, attention to detail, and straight up results have me and my team very happy. Highly recommend!”
- Joe Lopardo, Co-FOunder and CMO, Dav Foundation

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Phone: 509.903.9414
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