Whether to consult their in-house team or delegate certain tasks related to online advertising to professionals...Companies outsource digital marketing services for various reasons.

Of course, outsourcing has many benefits, the main one being working with experts who can quickly scale your digital marketing efforts...And it's not only large firms that do it.

Recent stats from Exploding Topics show that:

About 34% of small businesses outsource digital marketing functions.

I'm Evan, the founder of Ernst Media, and by the end of this article...You'll know If and Why outsourcing digital marketing is the right move for your business.

What is Outsourcing in Digital Marketing?

Outsourcing in digital marketing is handing over some or all of your online marketing tasks to experts outside your company. In other words, increasing your business's online presence without the hassle of hiring a full-time in-house marketing team.

Due to the large volume of work, big companies often prefer partnering with a full-service marketing agency. SMB owners, on the other hand, choose freelancers or boutique marketing agencies because of the direct communication and custom-tailored solutions.

Whether you're looking for SEO Services, Content Creation, Social Media Marketing, Web Design, etc...You can find the right digital marketing partner.

Now, let's look at the reasons you may consider outsourcing digital marketing services.

Why Businesses Outsource Digital Marketing

The importance of digital marketing is undeniable...Yet, all businesses face the challenge of keeping up with rapidly changing online trends.

Some need a fresh perspective to spark creativity, while others seek full management of digital marketing campaigns.

Over the last twenty years, companies of different sizes have partnered with our boutique marketing agency. Here are the most common reasons they've done it.

reasons for businesses to outsource digital marketing services

Startup Founders

These folks usually reach out because they're short on resources. As a founder, I know how hard it is to juggle product development, legal compliance, and advertising all at once. It's just too much.

Even less complicated activities like Social Media marketing are time-consuming. Outsourcing lets them focus on their core business while experts handle the digital presence.

SMB Owners

Small and medium-sized businesses typically outsource when they lack specialized expertise. Having a great product but not knowing how to reach the target audience leads to nowhere.

Instead of spending months learning PPC advertising or search engine marketing, they can hit the ground running with experienced digital marketing professionals.

Large Companies

Most of the time, they hire agencies for scalability. The few big firms we've worked with needed us during product launches or major campaigns...They had to ramp up marketing efforts quickly.

Outsourcing digital marketing services like PPC management gives them flexibility without the long-term commitment of hiring full-time staff.

Like Alphonso Jackson once said:

"The other part of outsourcing is this: It simply says where the work can be done outside better than it can be done inside, we should do it"

The Benefits of Outsourcing Digital Marketing

Generally speaking, outsourcing may have some drawbacks, like poor communication if you work with freelancers from foreign countries.

But when you choose a good provider of digital marketing services...

First, you'll avoid the common mistakes small businesses make, and then you'll get all the benefits we'll discuss below.

visualization of the benefits of outsourcing digital marketing


Contrary to what many think, outsourcing your digital marketing can be more budget-friendly than hiring an in-house team.

When partnering with small marketing agencies, you pay hourly and only for what needs to be done. A team of experts will often cost you less than one full-time employee.

Access to Expertise

You may have an SEO expert or good content writer on your team. However, having access to a diverse range of specialists makes a big difference.

A great example is Kevin Drolay, a digital marketing consultant in San Diego who reached out for help. Kevin recorded a detailed video about our collaboration...case in point:

"Working with Ernst Media, we dropped my client's cost per lead from $1,000 to under $100"

Access to Professional Tools

All good agencies use premium digital marketing tools and software to give online campaigns a significant edge. When outsourcing, you get free access to those.

At Ernst Media, we pay around $1K per month for what we use daily. But it's not just the cost...You also need to master these in order to use them effectively.

Time Savings

Outsourcing frees up your time to focus on core business activities. When my brother Nick and I started the agency, we had to outsource tasks. We needed time to find the right people and build a good team.

I know a few small business owners who tried to wear too many hats and got burned out.


When you hire digital marketing experts, part of their job is constantly monitoring your campaigns. We just ask our clients to keep us updated about upcoming promotions, seasonality peaks, or slow periods.

Then, we scale their advertising efforts up or down as needed.

People often neglect this when managing online marketing campaigns in-house. The results are not optimal performance or wasted advertising dollars.

Consistent Results

Trustworthy digital marketing agencies are accountable for delivering results. Building a reputation in such a competitive industry isn't easy, and we all try to protect it.

You can expect more consistent and measurable outcomes than what you'll achieve from scattered in-house efforts.

Here is what Silvetract's Head of Marketing said about us in his video testimonial:

"Evan and his team at Ernst Media were able to deliver a 4x return on Google and Facebook ads in the first month"

Stay Current with Trends

Digital marketing is always evolving, and now, with all the Google updates and AI integration...What works today may not work tomorrow.

Good agencies stay on top of these changes...We have no choice. And our clients benefit from the constant learning and adaptation we must do to stay in business.

A Few Words on Successful Digital Marketing Outsourcing

Keep in mind that the huge demand for digital marketing services has brought some unreliable players to the field...That's always the case in any industry, isn't it?

  • Be careful about who you're handing your brand over to
  • Make sure they really get what your business is all about
  • Be specific about your goals and set clear expectations
  • Ask for a defined marketing strategy and plan for execution

I have an article about what you need to know before hiring an SEO agency...but the key points are similar. It will help you make an informed decision when outsourcing.

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